Singapore Media Watch

Friday, September 22, 2006

From the Editor

Mission Statement

Through this blog, we hope to achieve the following:

1. To increase the political awareness of ordinary Singaporeans.

2. To scrutinize and analyze articles in the local papers on issues and policies concerning

3. To provide alternative viewpoints to balance the pro-government stance of the state media and to publish letters rejected by the mainstream media forum page.

4. To expose Singaporeans to foreign publications whose reports are often radically different from the local papers.

5. To serve as an active catalyst for media reform in the future.

Unlike other blogs which comment on local politics, this blog will focus on articles published in the local papers instead, further dissecting and analyzing them and debunk any factual errors, assumptions or prejudices inherent in them.

Please feel free to contribute your thoughts, views and opinions on any articles you read in our local papers. This small endeavor will only take off with the collective efforts of everybody. It's time to do something to contribute positively to the growth and development of a REAL civil society in Singapore!


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