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Sunday, October 01, 2006

CDCs can better serve residents' needs: PM Lee

Our readers' views:

Just heard from 10pm news, and found the news article. Perhaps they wanted to show how well the CDC performed, but...

The North-East CDC helped 720,000 which itself represents some 26% of adult resident population in our nation - if you take out the foreigner-turned-PRs this 'need help' percentage is even higher!

The propaganda we were fed says that unemployment is at the lowest this year, and it fell to 1.5% in June (15 Sep report). If this is true, why are 26% of the population seeking help from CDC?

This raises some serious questions:

1) While the jobless needs help from CDC, it is clear that even the employed are in need of financial help. Did the so-called job redesign realy solved the citizens basic financial situation, or it is a cosmetic effort that really do not solve problems?

2) When 26% (could be more if CDC release detailed data) of the population needs job or financial assistance, that country is in real trouble. This group of needy is HUGE!

3) Bankruptcies are rising to record levels, despite claims of economic growth. Now we read of record numbers going to CDC for help. Are we actually in deep trouble but covered up?


Singapore parliament have 82 MPs and this CDC (only the north east one) had 77 council members. This is Singapore style of fats - welcome. CNA is trying to score brownie points by painting a good picture of the CDC and that 720,000 residents were helped so far. This figure could mean the total over a number of years but CNA chose not to disclose it. See, another bias reporting to show only the good side but hide the ugly facts from readers. The CNA could easily have said CDC helped an average of xxxx residents per year but they did not.


It's hard to believe that there are families who are unable to afford glasses for their children in Singapore. I thought that only happen in Cambodia or Myanmar! Heard from FM 93.8 last week that the number of millionaires in Singapore has increased to more than 50,000 over the past 5 years while the income of the bottom 20% of the population has shrunk. I urge the government to seriously do something about the current widening income gap between the rich and poor.



  • hi there, i came by via sammyboy and saw your link.

    with regard to the gahmen's fondness for skewing numbers or statistics towards the favourable - it's all a matter of attracting foreign investments. that's why they are so afraid of "nosy" foreign journalists digging the dirt on them by reporting the truth.

    i'm as disgusted, disappointed as anyone else on such matters when on the ground, the real picture is gloomy; and the gahmen's pimping of singapore to the foreigners. why do you think then they close one eye when young sl*ts go about sleeping with angmohs for free? or the recent IMF/WB has shown, blatant advertising for escorts?

    their reasoning could be without these foreign investments, singapore will lose out to its neigbours. in other words, we would soon starve to death otherwise. but their insulting us singaporeans by treating us like second class citizens only hasten our demise.

    By Anonymous tlb, at 9:03 PM  

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