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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Is internal split within Workers' Party more important than Temasek's problems in Thailand?

We are astonished that The Straits Times has published 3 articles on the recent political infighting in The Workers' Party (WP) in the span of 5 days:

Sunday Times November 12 Sunday

What's the story ? The Workers' Party was recently hit by the resignation of two senior members. Does it hint of trouble in the party? Peh Shing Huei and Ken Kwek investigate.

Straits Times November 10 Friday

Workers' Party hit by another resignation Rising star opposed to new party curbs on Internet postings Straits Times By Peh Shing Huei and Ken Kwek

Straits Times November 8 Wednesday

Senior WP member quits over Net fracas By Peh Shing Huei and Ken Kwek

When did the WP become the darling of the Singapore Media? With all due respect to WP, it is only a small political party with 2 seats in Parliament and does not deserve the disproportionate time and space allocated to it by the Straits times.

To make it more puzzling, Straits Times actually dedicated 2 prominent journalists in Ken Kwek and Peh Shing Huei to cover the WP debacle. We don't see them "investigating" with zeal the Temasek-Shin corp deal or the Wee Shu Kim saga.

As an institution and pillar of Singapore, the media has a responsibility to keep citizens well informed and updated about the nation's affairs instead of persistently avoiding important sensitive issues and diverting attention to an opposition party's internal affairs.


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