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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Updates from the Editorial Team - 24 October 2006

Appeal for writers and webmasters

Due to increase in flow of traffic to our blog, we need more resources to maintain and keep it going.

We need writers and webmasters to update this blog daily. With more members on board, we will be able to publish more news analyses and commentaries for you.

Email us at if you are keen to join the Editorial Team.

Singapore is ranked 146th in 2006 World Press Freedom Index

Singapore has dipped 6 ranks down to 146th from 140th last year in terms of press freedom. This put us in the league of Third World countries with repressive regimes such as Iran, Burma, Uzbekistan and Nepal.

Read the full ranking here:

Editorial Review: More safety nets for Singaporeans

The editorial team takes a look at how we can prevent more tragedies like Mr Tan's suicide from happening tomorrow. It doesn't reflect well on a First World country like Singapore to have its citizens committing suicide due to economic hardship. Check it out at our blog tomorrow!


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