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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Your views: The tragic death of Mr Tan

I cannot believe how stupid the MP, Madam Ho Geok Choo, 50, (West Coast GRC), is. In her interview conducted by Andre Yeo of THE ELECTRIC NEWPAPER, Madam Ho talked about her own life of poverty.

We are talking about a dead man, we are not interested about Madam Ho's personal life. That in itself, is a mean-spirited attack on the family. You ask me how? I will tell u. "Oh poor me, I sufferred too, but I survived..."

Madam Ho mentioned the ComCare fund for the needy, workfare bonus for low-wage workers, and a $2.6 billion progress package, 'We must look into how else we can reach out to these people.'-said Madam Ho.

You start with your own boss first, Madam Ho...and work upwards. There needs to be a financial aid coverage for the desperate and the poor, to get them up and going to even begin to look for a job.

You need to have a financial parachute, first... then these poor Singaporeans can get up from the ground, stand up, and begin to walk. Not wait for a job, and starve? That is what your programs are all about.

You have to help the poor feed their families first. Before anything can be done. The poor need financial bridging first and foremost. Don't let these poor Singaporeans down. You, the Singapore govt can help.

If you can help, why not pass a law that will assist the poor n needy? If it is the right thing to do, why not do it? The gratification and payback will be huge, Singapore Govt. When your own people need your help, don't turn your back on them.

Do the right thing. It is within your control, such tragedies do not have to happen. If we can save one family, we can save almost all the poor families, they just need 'a financial help' from you, Singapore Govt, to tie them over?

In addtion, my question is do these agencies really work for the poor and needy? What do the poor and needy do in the meantime with no funds in their bank to support a family? Mr Jonathan Siew, 36, counsellor from the Care Corner Counselling Centre mentioned about govt employment agencies, again, do they work?

If they do work, then this poor man died in vain, and if they don't, we sure do not hear about these programs? How many poor people know about them, and where do these people to go and get help?

Bear in mind, that many poor Singaporeans may not be educated??? Has the Singapore MP madam Ho done anything to enlighten her constituents , get to know their situations who need help, about these programs?

Are these programs known to the the general public of Singaporeans that live in the heartlands? Shame to all the govt officials who let this man die, did he slip thru' the singapore system which caters to the wealthy?

Shame on MP Ho, who should know about all of her constituents' plights n needs. What kind of JOB are you doing Madam Ho?

Shame on all of the Singapore Govt officials who DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for the poor of Singapore. They are all million dollar ministers, with big fat bank accounts, and have lost touch with the average Singaporean's needs.

Who is raising money for this family of two sons and a widow of 50? The Singaporeans, organized, by a kind hawker. And now the Singapore officials are bitching about the amount of money collected for the Tan Family.

Are they envious that the collection money for this family is going to be a huge amount? "Is this Singaporean tragedy going to be the new Singaporean Toto?"

I hope they collect a large amount of money, that will enable those 2 boys to go to school, get a good education, become hugely successful in their lives and careers, and any sum of money is never enough to bring back their father.

It is one thing to pass laws, and stupid programs, and another, to wait for the desperate, poor or old to die. It is also a fact that Singapore has one suicide a day.

What does that say about the government officials of Singapore who make well over US$1,000,00 a year.

The poor need financial aid first. Not more rules and programs. Their bellies need to be fed first. Shame on you lot who rule and pass the law.

May Chu Harding (A Singaporean)


  • All this is related to the current uproar over another MP's kid named Wee Shu Min, who basically attacked another blogger, Derek Wee, for expecting anything from the government.

    I'd like to suggest that this Ho and this Wee are not atypical, and that your concern about the lack of action by elected officials is correct.

    This kid mentioned above has "apologised" about her remarks. But my opinion is that whether she was ranting as she claims or whether she expected her blog to be read is irrelevant. She’s indicative of a certain mind-set that dominates in this government and in the class that it actually serves (upper-middle and upper class).

    The Gini index is an index that measures the extent to which the distribution of income within a country deviates from a perfectly equal distribution. A value of 0 represents perfect equality, a value of 100 perfect inequality. Sweden has a Gini index of 25, Japan 24.9 (surprise, surprise!).
    Singapore has a Gini index of 42.5. (Surprise, surprise! We’re worse than Poland, 34.1; Azerbaijan 36.5; Turkmenistan, 40.8 and Tanzania 38.2)

    See —

    This girl for all her intelligence isn’t capable of understanding that she is non-neutral, self-interested party in this discussion. She and those of her ilk have a vested interest in the Gini index remaining this way. Her father’s job in a top government-linked company, the resources thrown at the GEP, at RJC, the awards she wins for excelling in narrowly-defined measures of intelligence. (See Harvard psychologist Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligence - just google) Her remarks are a self-interested attack on Derek’s claim on the public purse, because she herself has claims on the public purse. (i.e. status quo conservatism in which nothing changes and the Gini index remains the same). She attacks Derek’s sense of entitlement because her own sense of entitlement is under threat by the likes of him. Why spend government money on him when you can spend it on me! (i.e. scholarships etc, followed by cushy jobs in Singapore inc.)

    People must understand that the government of business is not the business of government.

    Unfortuanately, Singaporeans are, to the government, nothing more than a profit centre.

    By Blogger benjamin, at 11:38 AM  

  • they believe in teaching you how to 'fish' for your existence so they can reduce social aids for more brilliant money making ideas. to reduce their coffers is to reduce their political power and standing in the world community - i suspect. so the poor citizens must make their own beds, some harder than others, and not complaint about the pond with little fishes left because, some are privileged to use nets and not a single rod with a single hook and with pathetic baits!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:55 PM  

  • Madam Ho's father held a high post in a government-linked organisation lah.

    Her greatest suffering was probably which brand of caviar to buy?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:52 AM  

  • I do not have the opportunity to read the interview given by Mdm Ho. I am really surprise that she is talking about her own life of poverty.

    We know that Mdm Ho's father was one of our MIW from the mid 60s to 1984 when he retired as the MP for Khe Bong Constituency. I wonder what kind of hardship had her family experienced. If she is comparing with the lifestyle of another MP's daughter, Ms Wee Shu Min, she could have a case.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:24 PM  

  • In her interview conducted by Andre Yeo of THE ELECTRIC NEWPAPER, Madam Ho talked about her own life of poverty.

    Mdm Ho, don't compare your own life of poverty with the dead man. It got to do with the present system of the govt..rules and laws...cost of living & expensive medical cost..etc.
    Stand up to speak for the poor instead, don't cover your ass!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:45 AM  

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