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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Roundup of regional news - 22 October 2006

The Star

Stuffing the prudish image

OVER the past decade, a social change has been taking place in prim and proper Singapore – a steady loosening of sexual mores, especially among men over 50.

The younger political leaders are themselves taking a number of baby steps to move away from the old “nanny” days of strict control on what people can or cannot do with their love lives.

This is partly in response to a changed generation, which is more fun-loving and adventurous about sex, unlike their parents who regarded it as a taboo subject.

The official change is gradual and managed, but that of the people is much less so. (Read more...)

The Nation

Politicians' asset figures a big slap in the face to all Thais.

Things seem to be moving so fast, yet there have not been any fundamental changes to ensure that the country can rid itself of gutter politics.

What's more, former Thai Rak Thai Party members are talking about forming a new party to retake control of the government through elections.

These movements do not bode well for public expectations that the military coup will usher us towards a better platform for democratic development so there will not be any need for another change of government by force. (Read more...)


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