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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Updates from the Editorial Team - 31 October 2006

Thanks for your support!

The Editorial Team will like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to all our readers for their kind feedback.

Your input is highly valued and we take both your suggestions and criticism seriously.

Please continue to support our project and share this blog with your friends.

Let us work together towards building and promoting an active citizenry in Singapore.

Appeal for writers and webmasters

Due to increase in flow of traffic to our blog, we need more resources to maintain and keep it going.

We need writers and webmasters to update this blog daily. With more members on board, we will be able to publish more news analyses and commentaries for you.

Email us at if you are keen to join the Editorial Team.

Ex-Rafflesians: we want to hear from you !

The recent controversy surrounding Wee Shu Min, a RJC girl has put the Rafflesian community in the spotlight. Are Rafflesians as "elitist" as Miss Wee or are they grossly misunderstood ?

We want to hear from ex-Rafflesians themselves their views on this. Share with us your school life in the old RJC campus at Ghim Moh.

Email us at: !


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