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Monday, October 30, 2006

Your views: Was Mr Tongnoi hired on merit?

I refer to Sunday Times "Thailand's Crown Prince rebukes official" (29 Oct 2006) and
the below article in Thailand's Nation online newspaper.

Was Mr Tongnoi, in his 70s who was earlier appointed as Temasek's advisor before being told he would not be joining Temasek after all, recruited on merit under Singpaore's so-called meritocracy system, as is expected of all GLCs/TLCs since they are handling the Singapore citizens' hard-earned reserves?

Correct me if I am wrong but the newspaper articles (including our very own Sunday Times) suggested that "Mr Tongnoi had abused power for his own benefit" as "he was
assigned to work according to his profession - which means translating and drafting English documents and occasionally writing letters". What value-added roles can his above-mentioned "profession" bring to Temasek as an "advisor" in Thailand?

Or to put it more pointedly, why does Temasek need a "translator" as advisor in running Shin Corp and its subsidiaries, basically a telecommunications group?



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