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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Updates from the Editorial Team - 26 October 2006

Moderation of posts by readers

We apologize to all our readers for moderating their comments from 20 October to 25 October 2006 which result in them not being posted immediately. Most of these comments are now published in their original transcripts without any editing.

We appreciate all feedback and criticism willingly and we will accept whatever you said of us even if it may not sound pleasant.

Unfortunately for the past few days, we have been receiving a few comments containing vulgar words and nicknames which may be mistaken for politicians in real life. This prompted us to monitor this blog more stridently.

We accept "impersonation" of public figures is common and aplenty in cyberspace and most netizens will not treat it seriously. There is absolutely nothing wrong if done within certain limits as it adds much fun and color into an otherwise dry and boring discussion.

However, in view of the recent incident in which Mr Perry Tong of the Workers' Party made a Police report over a forumer using the nickname "Perry_Tong" in a local forum, it is our responsibility as owners of this blog to protect our readers from being implicated in another repeat episode.

We have lifted the moderation and you can now post freely. We trust our readers to to be mature enough to post sensibly. Freedom of speech comes with greater responsibility.

Appeal for writers and webmasters

Due to increase in flow of traffic to our blog, we need more resources to maintain and keep it going.

We need writers and webmasters to update this blog daily. With more members on board, we will be able to publish more news analyses and commentaries for you.

Email us at if you are keen to join the Editorial Team.


  • Dear Editors,

    As a frequent reader to your blog, I would like to suggest that the editorial team reserve your rights to delete comments which are outright nonsense. (e.g. spams, vulgarities, etc, etc)

    As your said, freedom of expression should be used contructively.


    By Anonymous ccw, at 1:28 PM  

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