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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Your views: Open letter to Ang Mo Kio MP Mr Wee Siew Kim

Dear Mr Wee,

There is no doubt in my mind that until now, both you father and daughter have no idea what the fuss is all about.

The strong language is one issue, (and that may be forgivable), but the underlying message of the blog posting and your subsequent reply shows that you simply have no concern about the struggles of the commoners, even those who're educated.

Is this your job as a MP? Is your job not suppose to speak for your people? Instead, you trash them for being unable to face the "challenges of life".

I am deeply ashamed to see someone as pretentious as you sitting on a parliament seat. Why do I say pretentious?

If this is how you daughter and father think in private with your elitism views of the society, I cannot even fathom why you should continue being an MP.

Surely, how can someone like you begin to imagine what it is like to be near bankrupt because of a business failure? How it is to be debt ridden? How it feels like to be at your prime age of 40 and yet feel insecure about holding on to your job?

Where is your compassion and understanding of the unfortunate ones who are only venting their frustruation through a virtual medium?

It sickens me to see that sort of remarks coming from a minister.You and your daughter's remarks serves to only disconnect yourselves from the people you are supposed to be serving.

This is not the kind of leadership that Singaporeans deserve, nor is what most of them want to see.

If this reflects the mindset of the people who sits together on the pedestral you have stepped on, I fear for the future of the less fortunate, less educated Singaporeans.


Teoh Tian Jing

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  • LKY once said that if the PAP became arrogant and lost touch with people on the ground, it deserved to be voted out. Wee Shu Min & Wee Siew Kim's pseudo-apologies seem to fit this description of losing touch.

    The Wees just don't get it. WSM's blog isn't some vulgarly articulated call for self-reliance. It's a slight on everyone and anyone who does not or cannot earn her respect. Shu Min was Marie Antoinettesque in her dismissal of the struggles of heartlanders. While she is no french beauty, she gets to keep her head. I wonder about her MP father. How does a party like the PAP, which claims to represent the masses, have among its ranks, one so bereft of empathy?

    Somewhere in the distance, I heard the queen of hearts yell, off with his head.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:27 PM  

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