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Monday, November 27, 2006

Your Views: Why are billions of vehicle taxes collected not used to improve S'pore's public transport system?

I fully agree with the letter writer (ST 27 Nov, "Much to learn from HK public transport system" - see attached) as I have been to Hong Kong myself, so I am in a position to compare the public transport systems of both countries.

I am particularly impressed by the frequency of the trains there (very short waiting time when compared to our MRT/NEL trains) and the useful computerised information on destinations/next stops etc as highlighted in the letter.

Singapore's system is capable of matching HK's efficient system but my conclusion is that the government is not willing or prepared to spend the millions to upgrade them. As a motorist, we pay the highest taxes (PARF, COE, road tax, ERP, etc.) in the world, enabling the government to generate billions of taxes every year.

Where are these taxes and how are they used to improve the public transport systems, including the buses and MRT system, not just the roads?If the public transport is not up to scratch, why should motorists be made to pay such high taxes?



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