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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Your Views: Potential Guiness World Record - 2nd MRT death in 4 days and 4th in less than 2 months!

Singapore is famous for its many world records according to the Guiness World Records - fastest text messager, etc...

With sympathies to the victims' loved ones, we can probably add the highest per capita deaths in MRTs/MRT stations (or subways) within the shortest time (2 deaths in 4 days and 4 deaths in less than 2 months, or 2-in-4 days and 4-in-2 months?).

(The first occurred in late October 2006: the case of Mr Tan Jee Suan - TNP (21 Oct 2006) - "MRT death case: Dad gives $10 to son, says last words to him", link,4136,115969-1161467940,00.html?
while the 2nd happened at Clementi MRT shortly thereafter.)

Can the relevant authorities find out the true cause of the problems in these deaths before more happen? Is it the hardware (the design of the MRT system) or is it the software (the despair, desperation and hopelessness some of these victims went through) or both?

If the probelm is the software side of the equation, merely putting up additional safety structures will not solve the problem.



  • aye aye.

    By Blogger xander, at 10:33 AM  

  • when you have problems and you need to deal with certain people, you soon realized where the problem lies. you also realise that maybe, it is not because nobody cares - eventhough there are alot who actually dont give a damn except to look forward to spending on their next paycheck for being there to "Serve" you - but that they are....but somehow "bound" by the ways of "enterprising ideas"?

    LegallY complicated to say anything if you know what i mean which only leaves...body count and they may not all be lying there for you to count so perhaps, sceptic parties should advertise their services and do some "counting" to get a feel of how correct those figures are?

    just a thought

    By Anonymous watching U watch, at 7:06 PM  

  • tsk tsk tsk problems not enough money or indirect affect by money problems also so all must get rich solve problems.

    lets see can work or not...and do sum simplistic math of the bait of the rich folks ideas to get rich

    let say u got 2 million people in your country who earns and live on 4 dollars(possible wat after more than half of world population living like that but i did say simplistic right hehe). so how many possible millionaires can come out of 2 million people if you r a clever business man wannabees?

    if me, i start by pyscho 2 million to give me $1(small money to learn be rich lah) to teach them how to be a millionaire and if half tricked, i first become millionaire and 2nd one learn from me do business and earn another $1 from half of them that makes 2 millionaire and the remaining money bounce here bounce there to perpetuate the idea you can be rich to keep people ...eerr....hoping and forming long q to buy toto to strike in think can happen all be like that rich or not?

    i simple count above only 2 possible out of 2 million people leaving almost same number hankering for the good life ending killing and fighting each other and not be that kind of rich leh..right or not?

    butt butt...someone got a more brilliant idea. what if you live in a tiny country of ten people? what chances these 10 folks be rich out of the poor of the world leh?

    wow. possibility pretty good?if 9 out of 10 become millionaire of the worlds poor, does it make this small country good, right or not?

    i say, pretty good to look at from the outside but then, if you think big countries follow same idea can work or not?i think, eyes from above look down also look big big leh?

    By Anonymous thinking out louder, at 9:22 PM  

  • You mean scaptics should count the paples problems not solve? And why?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:01 AM  

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